The Mission of Jovenes, Inc. is to help homeless youth and at-risk families become productive and integrated members of the community. We provide comfortable, stable housing, access to skills training, employment support and other community-based services in a safe, nurturing environment. We believe that anyone can prosper given the right conditions. We deliver opportunities for personal growth and provide hope, comfort and support where once there was none.  We empower those we serve so that they can develop healthy relationships and make meaningful contributions to the community we share.

Founded in 1991 by Father Richard Estrada, Jovenes serves homeless youth regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. Located in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, our subsidized housing model includes supportive short term and permanent housing that is designed to create a home-like atmosphere for those we serve. Together they learn, grow and transform.

"Reading Veronica Reyes' work, I marvel at the breadth of this poet's heart as it spills upon these pages. Reyes' ability to know deeply the intimate world of all she observes marks her a 'people's poet.' Because all is love in this writing -love for our honored abuelos invisible as janitors in downtown office buildings; love for the crazy irony of chavalitos playing hide 'n' seek with police helicopter search lights.

If el arte cura, then Veronica Reyes' queer poetics have been 'anointed' by 'the desert rain in [this] city,' East L.A., to do just that. She is given the gift by the 'moist fingers' of her mother, Socorro. Socorro. Succor. Ease." 

-Cherrie L. Moraga, author of A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness -Writings 2000-2010  



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